Eco-friendly campsite for an ecological stay in the Loire Valley

Who said that ecotourism cannot be reconciled with the pleasure of camping? Your stay in the Loir-et-Cher at the Les Saules campsite in Cheverny will be an opportunity to reconnect with the authentic spirit of the campsite! Our philosophy is to let our holidaymakers enjoy the comfort of a 4-star campsite in the Loire Valley while implementing numerous actions to preserve nature and reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. Staying at Camping Les Saules: it’s to achieve the perfect balance between tourist activities, accessibility and sustainable development 😉

Our actions to preserve nature

Rewarded by the Caravan and Motorhome club and Alan Rogers Guide & Travel’s environment prize in 2019, awarded the Clef Verte label for 11 years, the campsite Les Saules has been committed since 2003 to preserving a nature rich in biodiversity and discoveries! Our main actions in favour of the environment :

Our main actions in favour of the environment :

  • Promotion of carpooling with a dedicated space at the entrance of the campsite
  • Promotion of cycling: To make it easier for cyclists to come, we organize transfers from Blois train station with our cyclo-bus shuttle. A bike rental service (traditional or electric) is also available on site to set off on the 550 kms of cycle tracks of the Châteaux by bike and La Loire by bike directly accessible from the campsite.
  • An ornithological reserve of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) with more than 58 different species of birds that nest and live in our campsite. A health trail of 3ha and 2 ponds is at your disposal to discover and observe them. Moreover, for each night in Rand’o Bois, 1€ is donated to the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (League for the Protection of Birds).
  • rainwater harvesting for watering the campsite’s plantations
  • Recycling of green waste through composting
  • Nature days to make campers of all ages aware of the environment (more info at the bottom of the page).
  • A restaurant with delicious local produce.
  • Zero pesticides for over 15 years.
  • And new ideas over the years so that all our campers can live in harmony with nature during their camping stay in the Loir-et-Cher.
Preservation De La Nature Camping Les Saules
Eco Paturage Moutons Camping Les Saules Cheverny

Discover eco-grazing during your camping holidays near the castles of the Loire Valley!

Anxious to preserve our beautiful biodiversity, we have recently chosen to entrust the maintenance of nearly 40% of our space to faithful and kind friends… sheep. In partnership with a certified organic farmer, the sheep will make their entrance at Camping Les Saules! Two breeds will be present, the Solognot sheep and the Ushant sheep. The Solognot sheep is a very old local breed and we will participate in its preservation. It is very robust and enjoys all the woody animals present in our health course. The Ouessant sheep for its part is smaller and also very sociable. His favourite meal? Grass! It’s a real ecological lawnmower. Our Solognots and Ushant sheep will team up to the delight of young and old alike. While preserving their peace and quiet, you can go to them to caress and talk to your children. Pascal the breeder will also be able to share his passion for animals with you when he comes to the campsite. Why not help him to shear them and take care of them? Become our assistant and participate in the defence of our biodiversity. Our friendly herbivores will have an almost negative carbon impact and will participate in the fertilization of our land to increase the richness of our biodiversity for the greatest pleasure of our bees and our fauna. Come and get to know the sheep of the campsite for even more nature! 

Our eco-sanitation area, environmental excellence in the design and use of natural resources

With the support of the Centre-Val de Loire Region, and theEuropean Union, we have built an eco-responsible sanitary facility within our campsite.
The objective? To provide our campers with an experience of comfort and quality, in particular by making them benefit from exemplary accessibility, while preserving the natural resources of our planet.

The preservation of natural resources and sanitary safety :

  • A production of domestic hot water coupled with a solar production station that avoids the emission of 2.5 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Washing machines and toilets are connected to a supply of borehole water, which means a saving of about 900 m3 of drinking water.
  • Waterless urinals, i.e. a saving of 400 m3
  • 100% LED lighting coupled with numerous skylights and presence detectors, and photovoltaic panels for the total self-sufficiency of the building (5475 kWh).
  • All water distribution points are timed with flow reducers. The quantity of water delivered does not exceed 8l/mn.
  • A permanent and automated anti-legionnairesease treatment system.
  • An insulating roofing system allowing a maximum of natural light to enter the building

The choice of committed and environmentally friendly partners:

The partner companies are qualified and sensitive to environmental management. They are local companies whose proximity is a guarantee in the good management of travel for our site and in the choice of raw materials. Existing equipment is reused and optimized to the maximum to avoid any waste of materials.
In the end, the eco-responsible sanitary facilities are a quality experience with bright and friendly spaces dedicated to each user, as well as exemplary accessibility that allows people with disabilities to share the same holidays as all our campers who have come to enjoy the virtues of the Centre-Val de Loire.

Eco Sanitaire Camping Les Saules Cheverny
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Discover the animations
eco-responsible of our nature days!

Twice a season, in July and August, our campsite organizes free eco-responsible activity days in collaboration with local and environmental associations!

On the program of these days under the sign of sharing & citizenship:

Educational and ecological workshops for young and old:

Discovery of compost and its small animals (VAL ECO)

The work of the bees presented by our beekeeper Coraline (LesBellesDemoiselles)

A sensory trail to discover barefoot (Loisirs Loire Valley)

The manufacture of natural syrup

Children’s workshops on fauna and flora

A guided tour to discover the preserved fauna and flora of our campsite :

Accompanied by ornithologists and botanists of the LPO, you will go with family or friends to discover our biodiversity on our health trail.

So take advantage of your stay in the Loire castles, to join us during these nature days! To share moments with family or friends and discover all that nature has to offer. Much more than a campsite on a farm, your stay will be an opportunity for your little ones to experience nature while having fun. You can also count on the children’s club of our campsite in the Loire Valley for ever more moments of sharing and discovery. Our accommodations are also eco-designed!