Ico Connecte Nature


Member of the “Sites et Paysages” network, we pay a very close attention to the safeguarding of the natural balance of our planet. We invite you to share with us our 7 eco-citizen pledges:

nature first
natural resources
Protecting fauna
and flora
Informing and sensitizing to Nature and environment
Supporting eco-friendly
local production

The ornithological health trail

In the heart of 8 hectares of preserved land, you can discover some of the 58 species of birds present on our campsite thanks to our information panels.

We are partners of the League for the Protection of Birds and we preserve our biodiversity.

A unique experience to live with the LPO.

We invite you to live our hikes and discover all the richness of the fauna and flora of our campsite.

Accompanied by ornithologists and botanists of the LPO, go and discover our biodiversity. Your children will also be able to experience nature while having fun thanks to our educational workshops.

Let’s live in harmony with nature!

Beehives for bee preservation

What about inviting bees at the campsite?

Enjoy an unforgettable experience and share the protection of bees with a beekeeper. Let’s act together now to prevent the bees from disappearing from our countryside.

Come and meet Coraline, our beekeeper, to discover the fascinating world of the bees thanks to our beehives, safely located on the campsite. We invite you to take part in our workshops to understand the making of honey and the bee life.

Be active!

Rent our Rand’o Bois and for each night, we will give   1 € to the LPO   (French association for birds preservation) to support their programs of biodiversity preservation.

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