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Eco sanitary

Eco sanitary
Eco sanitary
Eco sanitary

With the support of the Centre Val de Loire Region, and the European Union, we have built our new eco-responsible sanitary facilities.

– To provide our customers with a comfortable, high-quality and friendly experience.

– Exemplary accessibility for a holiday for all.

– Environmental excellence in the design and use of natural resources and health security.

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Preservation of natural resources and health security

  • Production of domestic hot water coupled with a solar production station to avoid an annual CO2 emission of 2.5 tonnes.
  • The washing machines and toilets are connected to a drilling water supply, saving about 900 m3 of drinking water.
  • Waterless urinals, saving 400 m3
  • 100% LED lighting coupled with numerous skylights and presence detectors, and photovoltaic panels for total building self-sufficiency (5475 kWh).
  • All water distribution points are timed with flow reducers. The quantity of water delivered does not exceed 8l/min.
  • A permanent and automated legionella treatment system.
  • An insulating roofing system that allows maximum natural light to enter.

The choice of committed and environmentally friendly partners

  • Partner companies are qualified and sensitive to environmental management. These are local companies whose proximity is a guarantee in the proper management of travel for our site and in the choice of raw materials.
  • The existing equipment is reused and optimized to the maximum to avoid any waste of materials, and allow a real recycling.
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A quality experience

Bright, user-friendly and
dedicated to each user.
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An exemplary accessibility

Each space allows to welcome customers with disabilities to share the same holidays together.
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